I love to photograph horses doing whatever they are doing – working, playing, sleeping. I photograph dogs too because they are almost always around horses, and they are very cute. Sometimes, people sometime get into my pictures – they are not my specialty but, like dogs, they are usually around the horses.

Here are some of my favorite photos in a few different categories. Click on the category image or title to see the entire collection of selected images.

Eventing – I could watch cross country all day. I love my digital camera because I can see what I just shot and be amazed at what the horse did while I was blinking. Riders are fun to watch too – their focus on the job at hand and the emotions they carry across the jump.
Racing – Before I came to Virginia, I had never been to a steeplechase race. In the distance, they'll line up at an invisible start line and, before you know it, the horses are thundering past you. The jockeys struggle to keep their mounts from the galloping too fast on the first lap, then give them their heads for the rest of the race, which could be as long as 3 miles or more. All I have to say is WOW.
Raniki Headshots – More than just the classic portrait. Whether they are at work and at rest, I watch horses' faces and aim for headshots that capture the moment through their expression. Is it possible to figure out what they are thinking?
Nikita It's a Dog's Life – They say that dogs are man’s (or woman’s) best friend. They are often our constant companion and provide a wonderful complement to our lives with horses. Our dogs give us unconditional love, as we should do for them. Here is a selection of the dogs I have had the pleasure to meet.

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